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In a Virginia divorce, the court will determine if child & spouse will need child support using several different factors. Unlike spousal support, child support has specific formulas to determine the amount of support necessary.

It is crucial that you hire an attorney who is familiar with these formulas and knows how to tie the facts of your situation into the court laws. Aside from divorce, other family law cases the court may order child support in include:

  • Paternity suites
  • Family violence that results in a restraining order
  • Parents living separately

The court will look at factors like the age of the child, the assets in possession of each party and the earning capacity of each party. The idea behind child support is that the future of the child is not financially jeopardized just because his or her parent(s) made the choice to end the marriage. The court will factor the financial situation and future of the child to determine if support is possible or necessary.

Determining What is Best for the Child

When it comes to a decision like child support, where the court will be looking at the welfare of the child, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to make sure the facts are understood. Attorney Aaren Lane Gibson is here to ensure that a fair decision is reached, one that is best for your child.

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