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Settlement Agreements For Northern Virginia Clients

The common perception of divorce is that the process is long and expensive. But while every divorce can be stressful, it is possible to minimize the cost and duration by reaching agreements on as many issues as possible. The more issues that can be agreed upon, the fewer questions need to be decided by the court and the easier the divorce process can be.

An Agreement That Works For You

A settlement agreement can be reached by both spouses that covers all the important issues – child support, child custody, property division and more. Attorney Aaren Lane Gibson can assist you in the agreement process, making sure that your best interests are protected and that you avoid agreeing to anything that you may regret later.

Even if you are worried that you and your spouse cannot agree on every matter of your divorce, it is still to your benefit to work on a settlement agreement. Attorney Aaren Lane Gibson can help you save as much money as possible by encouraging the voluntary exchange of each party’s information and creating an agreement that covers as many issues as possible. If there are still issues that must be decided by the court, they will be much fewer than if you had not worked on your agreement.

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