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In a Virginia divorce, the court will determine if a spouse will need spousal support using several different factors. Unlike child support, there are no specific formulas regarding how much spousal support will be awarded by the court on a long-term basis. There is a formula for temporary support, but not for long-term support.

The court will look at factors like the age of each spouse, the assets in possession of each party and the earning capacity of each party. The idea behind spousal support is that one spouse should not struggle financially just because his or her spouse made the choice to end the marriage. The court will factor the financial situation and future of both spouses to determine if support is possible or necessary.

Making Sure Your Voice Is Heard

When it comes to a decision like spousal support, where the court will be looking at both parties carefully, it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side to make sure the facts are understood. Attorney Aaren Lane Gibson is here to ensure that a fair decision is reached, one that ensures you get the outcome you need.

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